After years of training within the Dale Carnegie Organization, Scott earned the “Destiny Leadership Award” in the early ‘90’s for three straight years as the owner and operator of the top producing Sales and Training Franchise for Anthony Robbins & Associates. Scott personally facilitated hundreds of personal growth and multi-week sales trainings for individuals from over 1000 companies.

For over two decades Scott has directly consulted for companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi billion dollar organizations, including Casino giant Harrah’s Entertainment (Now Caesars Entertainment.) Scott was brought in to lead training efforts with managers when Harrah’s was merging with, acquiring other hotel/casino’s, opening new or re-opening existing properties, dealing with Union issues and to improve the customer service scores at numerous properties across the U.S.Scott simultaneously spent five years serving on the panel of business growth experts for well-known marketing Wizard Jay Abraham, facilitating business growth events for Entrepreneurs and companies in both North America and Europe.

Business leaders and top professional speakers turn to Scott when looking to become more persuasive and effective from the stage. His “A” list of clients include CEO’s, celebrities, thought leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and coaches, from beginners to those making in excess of $100K a day to speak.

He is also skilled in facilitating media training for those who find themselves in the celebrity spotlight or wish to become a more effective communicator especially if their job requires them to do radio, TV or media interviews.

Scott has served as a key member or upper management teams for a handful of start-ups and Franchise companies, including the meteoric rise of an Internet start-up virtual tour technology company. Serving as VP of Sales and Training, and one of the original two dozen team members, his responsibilities included the on boarding, training and managing of the 200+ newly hired sales staff, which allowed the company to achieve a Market Cap over $1 Billion. He assisted in the process to take the company public and then led the merger of the sales force with their biggest competitor.

In 2008 Peak performance expert, and executive coach, Tony Robbins invited Scott to help co-create and be the General Manager for Tony’s first Business Mastery program (UBMS)

His experiences in both college and professional sports sparked his passion for building a dynamic corporate culture, building and protecting your world class reputation and brand, overcoming long odds and challenges, and ignited his lifelong dedication to contributing to the overall health, success and well-being of others and their businesses.

Scott is a 12-year member of the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council, which is made up of the top speakers, authors, thought leaders and training companies in the world. Many in the group are also his clients.

He Founded Destiny Training Systems almost three decades ago, which has a full-time training facility at their company headquarters in Las Vegas, NV.

A few notable clients include: Accenture, KPMG Consulting, Paramount Pictures, Pioneer Electronics, Harrah’s Entertainment, Nautica Sportswear, Davis Ball & Collombatto Advertising, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Health Net, Baxter Health, YPO, Quantum Learning Network, Taylors Education (KL), Total Sports Asia.

Scott is committed to assisting his clients in achieving exponential business growth. He focuses on working with, and consulting for, entrepreneurs and companies who are committed to developing and implementing integrity-centered business growth strategies and corporate cultures to sustainably increase their revenues and profits and make a positive difference in the world.